How to produce a powerful smash without being nervous?

by CJ Olivares

(IGaCoS, Philippines )

Question: How to smash powerfully without nervous? (with confidence)


Hi Olivares, thanks for your question.

The smash is a very powerful badminton shot.

In order to inject power into any of your badminton strokes, the general rule of thumb is to relax your arm muscles; and do not grip your racket too tightly.

But… many people get this wrong!

Common Mistake

The common mistake is that players grip their racket too tightly, thinking that the tighter they grip the racket, the more powerful their shot will be.

Gripping your racket too tightly RESTRICTS movement. When you grip your racket too tightly, you’ll get the technique wrong.

Besides that, when your muscles are tensed, it will be hard to produce a nice swing.

Focus on the Technique

The key idea is to RELAX and perform a smash with the RIGHT technique. Click here to learn the step by step tutorial for the badminton smash.

You will always be nervous when you’re not relaxed.

When I say “relax”, I don’t only mean relaxing physically. Your mind should also be relaxed before you smash.

Mental strength and confidence is very important in performing a strong and powerful smash.

Don’t think too much of power during a smash. Concentrate on the right technique first. This will eventually help you develop powerful smashes.

In summary, you should:

  • Relax your muscles
  • Relax your mind and focus on technique, not power
  • Practise to get the technique right before using it in your games

By following these tips, you should be less nervous when you smash.

Badminton is an exciting sport. Don’t stress over smashing! Enjoy the game and relax for every shot you take.

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