How to perform a strong backhand clear?

by Priyabrata


Question: I can contact backhand clear properly (a clear good sound of contact), but the problem is, either the shuttle goes very high (most of the time) or very low, so always it goes only up to the midcourt. I have enough power to do even a backhand smash, but clear is something I can’t hit properly. Can you please help??

Hi Priyabrata, thanks for your question.

There are a number of reasons why your backhand clear lands at midcourt. It is a good thing that you get your timing right; since you indicated that a clear good sound of contact was made when you hit the shuttle.

1. Complete Swing
I’m guessing that you might not be performing a complete swing for your backhand stroke. A maximum swinging motion is essential to generate the amount of power to send the shuttle from one end of the court to the other.

2. Follow Through
Follow through with your swing to ensure you complete a full backhand swing.

Why follow through?

After you make contact with the shuttle, there will be some momentum. Following through allows you to release the stored energy in your racket arm.

If you don’t follow through (if you are not performing the complete swing for the backhand stroke),

you will subconsciously put a “break” to your swing BEFORE you make contact with the shuttle.

By a stopping half way on your swing, you might not be making use of the momentum. Therefore, when you hit the shuttle, maximum power can’t be generated, and some force will not be transferred to the shuttle.

This basically explains why a follow through is so important.

3. Good Technique
The RIGHT technique is very important for you to produce a good backhand clear. The overhead backhand stroke is very complicated.

It is NOTHING like a tennis or squash backhand.

Some other pointers that you should consider are:

Go through the badminton backhand clear tutorial again. Over there, the technique to perform the backhand clear is explained in detail.

I know many people are struggling to get their backhand strokes right. It is a common weakness in most people. In addition to our tutorial mentioned above, I recommend the .

I find his video especially useful in helping beginners master the basics in badminton, including the badminton backhand clear.

Watching and learning from a world champ can definitely help a player improve faster.

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