What is the best way to defend a badminton clear?

by CJ Olivares

(IGaCoS, Philippines)

Question: Speaking of badminton clear and clear what is the best to do when your opponent clear and clear? (How to defend a clear?)

Hi Olivares, thank you for the question.

First, it’s important to know that the badminton clear is a defensive shot.

This simply means that you perform the clear when you’re under pressure.

The badminton clear keeps the shuttlecock in the air for some time before your opponent can hit it.

Players under pressure from their opponent can use a clear. This gives them some time to recover and get back into their position.

If your opponent keeps hitting the clear, it will not be that threatening.

You’ll always have the time to move to the shuttlecock and hit your opponent’s clear (since the shuttle stays in the air for quite some time).

What to Do if Your Opponent Keeps Clearing

Consider putting some pressure on your opponent if your opponent keeps clearing.

You can do this by hitting a drop shot.

A drop shot will force the game to go to a higher pace/tempo.

Unlike the badminton clear, the drop shot is a faster shot. The shuttle drops to the ground much faster than a clear.

By increasing the tempo/pace of the game, you stand a chance to put some pressure on your opponent.

If your opponent is not able to cope with the higher-paced game, there is a high chance that the high paced game will force a weak return from your opponent.

End the Rally

Once your opponent sends a weak return shot, end the rally with a badminton smash.

Remember, you should only hit the drop shot or smash ONLY when you think that you are faster than your opponent.

Good footwork is absolutely essential if you increase the pace of the game.

Sometimes your opponent keeps clearing or keeps playing tight net shots. In that case, click here to learn the various badminton shots that you can perform when you are put into various situations.

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