Why can’t I execute a jump smash?

by akshit

(bareilly, up, india)

Question:What is the reason behind I cannot execute a jumping smash?

Hi Akshit, thanks for your question.

One strong reason to why you cannot execute a jumping smash is the technique you are using. The badminton jump smash is an advanced technique.

In order to execute the perfect jump smash, you’ll need strong badminton basics.

You’ll also need a lot of practice to master this technique.

Master the Basics First

Before you learn to perform a jump smash, master the basic techniques such as the:

These 2 basic shots are very similar. Both use the same stroke which requires you to direct the shuttle downwards.

By mastering the basic drop shot and basic smash, you’ll learn how to get behind the shuttle early enough to hit it. This is a KEY habit you’ll need to have when performing the jump smash. You MUST get behind the shuttle early enough to hit it when it’s in front of you.

See the picture below to see exactly what I mean.

badminton smash drop

Practice the Drop Shot First

I suggest you master the drop shot first. The drop shot requires a gentle overhead forehand stroke. Develop a good forehand stroke by practising your drops.

Then… Master the Basic Smash

The technique to execute the basic smash is exactly the same with the drop shot. The difference is that a smash requires a faster overhead stroke.

After you possess a good forehand stroke by practising your drop shots, a basic smash is just a matter of adding more speed and power into your strokes.

Note: A good forehand stroke does only mean that you swing your racket. It also includes your:

  • non-racket arm action
  • upper body movement (turn your body from sideways to the front), and
  • lower body movement (dominant foot moves forward as you perform your forehand swing).

You are ready for the badminton jump smash once you manage to incorporate all these actions correctly in your badminton strokes.

Tips and Advice for the Jump Smash

1.Do Not Focus on Power at the Start, Focus on Technique

When you learn how to do the jump smash, focus on the technique first!

If your focus is solely on power, you will fail to get the technique right.

Correct technique is extremely important. In essence, aim to:

  • Use the correct technique.
  • Get the timing for your jump right
  • Get the correct timing for the point of contact
  • Get the shuttle just over the net

Once you are comfortable with all of the above, inject more pace into your shot. This means hitting a more powerful smash!

2. Relax your Muscles

When we want more power, a natural thing that happens is that we tend to tense our muscles. For badminton, tightening muscles restrict mobility. This means your swing can’t be as fast when your muscles are tensed.

3. Non-Racket Arm

One big lesson I learned from World Champion Peter Rasmussen is that your non-racket arm has its role in a jump smash.

It helps a lot in maintaining your body balance.

Since the jump smash requires you to perform your stroke in mid-air, you’ll need extremely good body balance. Your non-racket arm is the KEY to help you maintain your balance in the air.

When you’re off balance, there’s a low chance you can execute the smash with the right technique. This is because your mind will be focusing on maintaining your balance.

4. Strong Core Muscles

I mentioned the importance of body balance. Strong core muscles (abdominal muscles) play a big role in doing this.

When I say strong, I don’t mean you need to have ripped 6 pack abs!You just need to build up enough strength in your core body. This helps with balance.

IF you lack balance while in mid-air, strengthen your core muscles for better balance.

Professional badminton players not only use their core muscles to maintain balance, they also use it to inject additional power into their badminton shots.

See our tutorial page for the badminton jump smash.

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