What happens if both players have a same score at 20 points in badminton?

by Saina

(Hyderabad, India)

Question: What will happen if the two players had same score at 20 points?

Hi Saina, thanks for your question.

When the score in badminton reaches 20-20, the game will be deuced.

Deuce is a common badminton terminology. This term is also used in tennis. This means that the game can only be won if one party is 2 points ahead of the other party.

For example, the game will end when the score reaches 22-20, 24-22, or 25-23 and so on.

If the score ever reaches 29-29, the next player that reaches 30 will win the game straight away. However, I’ve never seen a badminton game that reaches the score of 29-29 since the inception of the new rules.

This is basically all you need to know when the score every reaches 20-20 in badminton. See this page for more information on badminton rules.

If you’re interested to know more about the complete set of badminton rules, www.worldbadminton.com provides you with ALL the official badminton rules.

However, the regulations are lengthy and you’ll only need to know all of them only when you’re looking to be an umpire or when you want to conduct an official badminton tournament.

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