Singapore Open 2007 FINALS

Boonsak Ponsana vs Chen Yu

Watch the Badminton Singapore Open 2007 FINALS, between Boonsak Ponsana and Chen Yu.

Boonsak was on super form during this period. He made it here to the Singapore Open 2007 finals by beating Lin Dan in the quarter finals. Lin Dan was ranked world no.1 at that time and it was definitely a memorable moment for him.

In terms of this match, Boonsak and Chen Yu were competing to be the faster player. Boonsak made the opening score with a cross court, sending a message to Chen Yu.

It is amazing to witness Boonsak’s cross courts with high precision and steep angles. All of his cross courts were right on the sidelines.

Chen Yu fought his way both physical and mental to level up his score with the Thai. Unfortunately, Boonsak was all along controlling the gameplay. He was controlling the tempo of the game as well as where he wants the shuttle to fly.

Chen Yu possess the qualities of a professional Chinese badminton player. His badminton skills brought him here to the finals and that is an undeniable fact.

However, Boonsak’s strong fight and victory against Lin Dan in the quarter finals is a sign that he was here to win the title. He was throwing in all he had to secure his championship title during this memorable moment of his.

I’m sure you are eager to watch Boonsak winning Lin Dan in the quarter finals. Unfortunately the video could not be found on Youtube.


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