Is yelling during point a misconduct?

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Question: Conduct on court – yelling during point

Hi, thanks for your question.

I assume you are asking whether yelling is an act of misconduct.

When a rally ends, some players shout out loud to celebrate their victory in that rally. This is absolutely legal as long as you don’t affect your opponent.

Otherwise the umpire might charge you for misconduct on the badminton court (if you’re playing in a professional tournament).

It is common for badminton players to yell or shout when a rally is in progress. As you stated, players may shout after winning rally points.

Rules of conduct are applied strictly in professional badminton tournaments.

Players yell and shout for several reasons, some are considered an act of misconduct, some are appropriate.

Here are the different scenarios:

Communicating with Your Partner

In badminton doubles, you are allowed to talk, yell, or even shout at your partner during a rally. In the heat of the match, shouting may become necessary during urgent situations.

Players shout to let their partners know that:

  • The shuttle is flying OUT
  • They want their partner to cover their position
  • They want their partner to hit a particular shot

There are many reasons for you to shout at your partner. This is only acceptable if it’s communication with your partner.

When a rally is in progress, shouting is necessary because your partner won’t hear you if there’s a huge crowd.

Shouting at your partner out of frustration is a form of misconduct.

In professional tournaments, the umpire might give you a warning or a red card. If this happens, you might be banned from participating in future badminton tournaments.

Shouting as You Smash

It is very common to see players shout as they perform the badminton smash.

Technically when you shout, you can increase the power of your smash. When you shout, you’ll contract your diaphragm (stomach) muscles.

As such, you’ll be incorporating your abdominal (stomach) muscles in generating the power for your smash.

It is very reasonable if a player choose to shout as they perform the smash.

Therefore, shouting while smashing is NOT a fault in badminton.

When is Shouting a Misconduct?

You can raise your voice for several good reasons (mentioned above) while a rally is in progress.

However you should NOT raise your voice and shout at your opponent.

As this might affect your opponent’s play, the umpire will most likely summon a red card in a professional tournament.

For example, you shouldn’t shout at your opponent to indicate whether your badminton shot is going out or landing inside the court.

Professional players are not allowed to shout at the linesman even if they’ve made a controversial call.

When a player thinks that a bad call has been made by a linesman, he or she is required to approach the umpire in a good manner.

Otherwise, a warning will be given to the player by the umpire.

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Oct 27, 2015

Not true

by: Quinne

I don’t think that yelling during point a misconduct. Players are kind of gaining their confidence level through yelling and it is not causing any dishonest against opponents. But the things like sledging is considered as misconduct.
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Oct 13, 2015


by: Anonymous

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Sep 24, 2015

Is yelling during point a misconduct?

by: Anonymous

Definitely it’s considered as a misconduct. Some times it may lead to foul play. Most of the cases people choose law assignment for any kind of issues. I am glad you have shared this information to all players.

Jul 31, 2015

not allowed

by: margret

Yelling during the game is misconduct. After the game, you can celebrate in your style. But the umpire may first give you warning for the yelling selling airline milesthen it will be big fine. So don’t yell during the game rally.

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