How to Switch from Forehand Grip to a Backhand Grip During a Game

by Prashant Kumar

(Rajasthan, India)

Prashant Kumar asks: “How can we switch from forehand grip to backhand grip quickly? (I need some pictures which i can see and learn how to shift from forehand grip to backhand grip)”

Hello Prashant,

In order to quickly switch from a badminton forehand grip to backhand grip, you must:

1. Hold your racket loosely. Don’t hold your racket too tightly because you’ll be tensing up your muscles. When your muscles are tensed up, movement is restricted. This slows you down when switching from a forehand to backhand grip.

2. Use the correct badminton gripping technique. Use only the tip of your first 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle finger) and NOT the whole of your palm.

Basically these 3 fingers will be the ones that CONTROL your racket. Your last 2 fingers should only rest lightly on the handle to support the weight of the racket.

The page on badminton gripping technique provides you with pictures on how to correctly hold your badminton racket as well as pictures of forehand and backhand gripping techniques.

More About The Backhand Grip

Switching QUICKLY from a forehand to backhand grip is not easy. The strength of the badminton backhand depends on how quickly you’re able to switch to the backhand grip. This is one of the reasons for weak backhand shots by most players.

Practice is the key to switching fast. When you’re not on the court, make yourself familiar in handling your own badminton racket.

When you’re watching TV or bringing your dog out for a walk, you can always hold your badminton racket and practise flipping from a forehand to backhand grip.

From a forehand grip, shake your racket with your fingers to position your fingers to the backhand grip.

Alternatively you can use your own method.

There are no definite ways for switching from a forehand to backhand grip.

It doesn’t matter what method you employ as long as you can switch quickly and grip the racket correctly.

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