Definition of Backhand and Learning About Backhand

by Sidney


Sidney’s question:Definition of backhand? I want to learn about backhand!”

Hi Sidney,

The definition for a backhand means hitting the shuttle with your racket WHILE the back of your hand is facing the shuttle.

This is a very unique shot in any racket sports.
The technique to perform the badminton backhand is very different from tennis or squash. In badminton, the backhand stroke can be used to perform powerful shots such as the backhand smash.

Besides, one can bring the backhand smash to a more advanced level, by performing the jumping backhand smash.

Here’s a video showing an example of a jumping backhand smash performed by world class player, Taufik Hidayat (Jumping backhand smash performed at 0:12-0:14)

This kind of backhand shots can never be seen in any other racket sports.

More About The Backhand Technique

In order to execute powerful shots, a player must be familiar with the basic backhand stroke.

It’s important to learn how to generate maximum power in your basic backhand stroke.

Basically to get the correct badminton backhand technique, you must

The backhand shots are extremely useful in badminton games. It is not easy to learn but once you get the technique right, you’re on your way to do fancy backhands in badminton.

Of course, the backhand shot in the video i showed you above is a badminton skill performed by a world class player. Do not put high hopes in performing that kind of backhand shots without LOTS of practice.

Once you are familiar with performing the basic backhand stroke, learn how to hit various backhand shots such as:

Badminton Backhand Drop

Badminton backhand Smash

Badminton Backhand Clear

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