Badminton Rules: Entering the Front Box to Return a Serve

by Jamal


Question: Some players are taking or smashing the service by entering to front box. Is it a foul in badminton? I need detailed answer…

Answer: Hi Jamal, I assume you meant that upon receiving a badminton serve, some players leap forward pass the service line and hit the shuttle?

There was a badminton rule saying that the receiver of the service cannot move until the service is being delivered.

However, the badminton rules are always changing.

Visit for any changes.

Leaping forward to hit the shuttle upon receiving a serve is very common, especially in badminton doubles where there will be a partner covering the rear court as the receiver moves forward.

Anyway, I don’t think it is a foul, in an official game it will be the umpire’s call, the umpire might give a ‘let’ and instruct the service to be re-delivered.

Playing Tips

Therefore it is very important to be able to deliver the perfect service – that is, hit the low serve.

Your opponent cannot smash or perform a net kill if the shuttle flies lower.

However, if your opponent is too offensive and leaps forward too often to hit the shuttle, try a flick serve.

A flick serve sends the shuttle to the back of your opponent’s court.

Players who are eager to attack will tend to stand in front and will always leave their rear court wide open.

When there’s a chance to catch your opponent off guard, a flick serve will surprise him!

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