How to Choose a Good Badminton Grip for Your Racket

The right badminton grip can maximise your performance. Badminton grips can also help absorb the sweat flowing from your arm; and provide you with a comfortable feel of your racket throughout your game.

When it comes to choosing grips, understand that there is no one “best” grip. You should use a grip to suit your style of play.

What is your style of play?

Power Play: Focus on Powerful Shots

Players who opt for power usually go for strong consecutive attacks (usually with a badminton smash / badminton jump smash). Their strategy is to force their opponents to return a weak shot and then get the chance to “play the win”.

Players who attack often usually hold their racket handles tighter (in order to generate power for strong smashes). Therefore, a THICKER grip will be suitable for these types of players.

Control Play: Focus on Accuracy and Technique

Badminton players who prefer to engage in various badminton skills are called stroke players/rally players. Their winning strategy is to force their opponents into long rallies by doing badminton clears and badminton drops.

Advanced badminton skills such as badminton deception (x`) and tumbling net shots require players to have great control over their rackets and have excellent wrist action.

Therefore, if you’re a stroke/rally player, don’t hold your racket too tightly. This may lead to too much power in your shot, especially when you’re using more advanced skills. Choose control over power, it’s more important for this type of play.

A THINNER grip handle will be perfect for these types of players.

A thin grip will provide you with better control over your racket – especially for changing from forehand grip to backhand grip and vice versa. (See how to grip your racket correctly)

3 Types of Badminton Grip

There are 3 types of badminton grip available in the market.

  1. Replacement Grip
  2. Overgrip
  3. Towel Grip

1. Replacement Grip

As the name suggests, a replacement grip simply means a grip that replaces the original grip.

The original grip is the grip already attached to the badminton racket when you first bought the racket.

Therefore a replacement grip is slightly THICKER. The common material used to produce a good badminton grip is called polyurethane or PU.

PU grips provide comfort and acts as a cushion between your fingers and the racket handle. They are also good sweat and shock absorbers.

2. Overgrip

Overgrips are similar to replacement grips, but they are MUCH THINNER and CHEAPER than replacement grips.

As the name suggests, an overgrip is a grip where you wrap it over a replacement grip or an original grip. The purpose is to provide you with a thicker grip handle for power play.

An overgrip by itself wrapped on the wood surface of the handle will be TOO THIN.

Again, PU overgrips are good materials for comfort and absorbing sweat.

3. Towel Grip

Towel grips are usually made by cotton. Cotton is an excellent material for absorbing sweat.

However, they are VERY THICK and sometimes heavy.

If you opt for a power play, towel grips might be awesome for you.

How to Choose the Best Grip for YOU: Tips for Customising Your Racket Grip

Alright, here’s the exciting part. I’ll show you how to customise the size of your grip handle according to your style of play.


Skills Involved Clears, drops, net shots, deceptions

Grip Size THINNER grips so that your fingers are more flexible to move and you will have a better badminton grip technique.

Grip Weight If you want more control, your racket handle should be HEAVIER than its racket head. Read how to choose a good badminton racket to understand the specifications of a racket.

  • Original grip + PU Overgrip
  • Towel Grip only
  • IF your palm is bigger: Original grip + PU replacement grip


Skills Involved Smash, Jump smash, drives

Grip Size THICKER grips so that it will be easier for you to hold tightly to your badminton racket when doing strong smashes.

Grip Weight For power rackets, the racket head should be heavier than the racket handle. This gives more momentum in a swing.

Learn how to identify the balance point to determine whether it is a power racket or control racket

  • Original grip + Towel Overgrip
  • Original Grip + PU Replacement Grip
  • IF your palm is bigger: Original grip + PU replacement grip + PU Overgrip

Important Tips

  • I have given my recommendations above. But remember, it’s all about YOUR preference. After all, what is more important than enjoying yourself during your badminton sessions?
  • When wrapping multiple layers of badminton grips to customize the size of your racket handle, consider the size of your palm too.

    If your palm is big, a replacement grip + another replacement grip might not be thick enough for you. You might need another overgrip on top of that.

  • If you play badminton often, it will be cheaper for you to get overgrips instead of replacement grips.

    Get a replacement grip as the base grip and wrap an overgrip on the replacement grip.

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